Weekend at Ling’s Meadow

On the evening of the 17th of June, my family and I set off for Ling’s Meadows campsite for the weekend. It was our first summer outing of 2016 and the sun was beating down. Which was ironic, as the forecast predicted it would be raining.

Ling’s Meadow is an eco campsite that is undeniably beautiful. Don’t be deterred by the fact it’s a campsite. This is glamping. The grass of the field brushes at your waist and paths have been cut into it, like a warren of lanes that you can discover. The field is set up with pre-prepared bell tents that have wooden floors and a double bed. There are also bell tents that are unfurnished, as well as pitches for you own tent. I did not sleep in any of these however, I was fortunate enough to sleep in the new ‘Living Van’, also known as ‘Windhover’.

Windhover – the Living Van at Ling’s Meadow

The picture doesn’t show it, but the van had it’s very own fire pit, separate from the main camp fire. The fire pit was equipped with two benches, a candle lantern and a grill that suspended above the fire to do your cooking on. Next to the picnic table there was a string of fairy lights.

Inside Windhover

Inside, the van was idyllic; decked out with double bunk beds, a small kitchen area (which can’t be seen in the picture), a flip down table with duck-egg blue foldable chairs, stairs and, a few books, a rug and crocheted blankets. There was also a fresh jar of flowers by the stairs. I got very excited about the books as they were old copies of things like ‘The Wind in the Willows’, ‘The Secret Seven’ and ‘Framley Parsonage’ by Anthony Trollope. I adore books and it was so special to be able to see and read such beautiful copies of some of my favourites (although I must say I will always love the famous five more than the secret seven). There is a log burner in the corner as well with an oven next to it, in case it was raining and you couldn’t light a fire. There was cutlery, a kettle, a teapot; everything that you would need to live comfortably. As soon as I saw it, I knew that I was going to be very happy over the weekend.

Lovely Vintage tins containing teabags and firelighters – Inside Windhover
LED Paraffin Lamp – Inside Windhover

The entire van was solar powered – with lights and even two USB ports for charging up your phone. The fairy lights outside were solar powered too.

Group facilities are available – toilets, a solar shower, a pizza oven, a bike shed, a big group camp fire, a washing up area and a communal food tent. The waste water from the sink and the shower are used to water plants whose roots clean the water and make it useable for flushing toilets etc.

The Communal food tent is beautiful – the sides covered in bunting. The light in the middle of the tent is made up of three bicycle wheels with fairy lights around them. Inside the main cooking tent there are a number of picnic benches and a main unit filled with enamelled plates, cups and cutlery.

The Food Tent at Ling’s Meadow

The hut you can see behind/next to the tent is the shower and the toilets.

View of the Food Tent and Main Camp Fire, Featuring Libby

We were lucky enough to have rented out the whole campsite, so we knew everybody there, which was great because we were all friends – it was just nice to be with everyone around the camp fire, cooking meals and laughing and joking together.

There were two of the eco toilets, and a urinal.

We all toasted giant marshmallows on a roaring fire – that got incredibly hot, and went to bed , with the stars shining above us, smug that the weather forecast had been wrong.

We woke the next day and it had been raining. It rained for a very long time. Libby and me just holed ourselves up in the hut and played cards and talked, which was great because we had our own secret store of food there with us. So much for the good weather – at least it wasn’t cold. Most of the pictures I took were taken the night we arrived and so the weather looks alright in them. It did eventually brighten up again on Saturday evening. At which point we had tea and I played football with the kids.

I had such an amazing time and would thoroughly recommend the campsite to evenyone. Even if you not a fan of camping, it doesn’t matter, as you can stay in  furnished bell tent, the living van or the shepherds hut (which I haven’t mentioned because I didn’t really get a chance to see it properly).

I suppose I’ll finish off with a few more pictures,

Grassy Socks

Some of the bell tents – in the daytime
Tents, with the moon


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